How to grow hair longer, thicker and stronger + stop hair breakage...TODAY!
Breakthrough In Haircare! 
Now more than ever, there are many hair products on the market, each one promising to do what another can’t. Consequently, you feel you need all these products to have the best hair regimen. Picture this: You have a gel, but there's also a soufflé you need to apply first. Just when you’ve got the curl definer, you also have to use a leave-in conditioner, because the curl definer isn’t moisturizing. You know what you end up with? A counter full of products you would probably forget about when the next one hits.

In a jar of Photogenic, you get the best:
  •  Curl Definer
  •  Edge Control
  •  Styling Gel
  •  Growing Serum
  •  Deep Conditioner
Photogenic offers the best of everything hair, aptly called “the beautician in a jar.” This patent-pending styling gel: conditions, moisturizes and infuses natural nutrients into your hair, while having a gentle hold and effortlessly defining curls.  Having an all-in-one hair elixir seems too good to be true, but all who have tried Photogenic have been pleasantly surprised by the ease of use and consistent results.
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Proven Way To Easily & Consistently Get 
Great Results On Wash Day 
+ Avoid Shrinkage & Frizz 
Say Goodbye to Frizz

Photogenic offers the best curl definition, regardless of your hair type. No gimmicks. Apply on hair sections from root to tip. Want a more defined curl? Just apply generously to your tresses and watch those curls form!  Photogenic doesn't leave hair greasy, tacky or crunchy. Instead, hair is bouncy, conditioned and defined. 

Photogenic Promotes Hair Growth Too

Natural ingredients that will bring your hair to optimal health were used in the production of Photogenic. The first ingredient is water, which is a clear indication of the moisture that will be penetrated into your hair shaft. It also contains: shea butter, coconut oil, soy & wheat protein, mango seed, aloe, avocado & kernel oil, neem seed, hibiscus flower, carrot & olive oil, and vitamin e. These ingredients will soften and moisturize the hair, repair and strengthen damaged hair shafts and cuticles, stimulate growth, detangle and add shine.

Minimal Shrinkage

Unlike other curl defining products, which need to be applied to wet hair, Photogenic does not. It can be applied on dry or damp hair if you please, so say goodbye to those moisturizing, spray-bottle-concoctions.

Save Valuable Time On Wash Day Or Any Other Day

Do you dislike washday because it lasts for hours? Do you want to stop wearing wigs and wear your natural hair? Do you wish for an easy, natural hair routine with just one product?

Using Photogenic is as easy as 1, 2, 3:
  •  STEP 1: Section the hair (dry or damp).
  •  STEP 2: Apply Photogenic from root to tip.
  •  STEP 3: Style hair as desired. Allow hair to air dry.
Great Conditioner 

From the first use, you will see an instant change in your hair. Each ingredient is carefully selected and will INSTANTLY improve the look and feel of your hair! There will be a huge reduction in frizz and boost in shine. Photogenic even tames those hard to manage gray hairs, extending time between hair coloring!

If your hair has been chemically processed to be straight, your hair will likely not form a natural curl or wave pattern; however, Photogenic is amazing when used for: roller sets, braiding, twist outs, revitalizing wigs + extensions, maintaining almost any hairstyle between salon visits, and conditioning your hair while in protective styles. Photogenic is also amazing at adding shine and luster to naturally straight or processed hair. 

No Harsh Chemicals

Due to its simple but effective ingredients, Photogenic is suitable for all hair types, be that: relaxed, natural, color treated, and even extensions. There are no harsh chemicals, no drying alcohols, no pore-clogging silicone. In fact, an overwhelming majority of the ingredients used are natural. See product label above for ingredient list.

No Flaking, No White Residue

It’s embarrassing when you apply a product to your hair which causes it to flake. Photogenic does not do that. Photogenic dries clear with a gentle but firm hold so there is no need to worry about any flakes or crunch. Photogenic takes the same amount of time to dry as when your hair is coated in gel or a good leave-in conditioner.

Worth Every Penny!

You get 32 oz. of hair-nourishment for just $35! On average, two jars are used each month. That's $70/ mo. for ALL of your hair needs! Compare to pricey relaxers, salon visits, 6-step hair routines and hair therapy treatments. Even the most committed product junkie will find that not only does Photogenic match up to, but can replace all of the products in their regimine. It truly is all you need to have healthy and beautiful hair. And don’t forget that this is a hair growth serum, conditioner, curl definer, edge control, styling gel - all in one jar!


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only $35
Purchase With PayPal
or a Credit Card.
Your order is 100% Secured.  Your credit card information is never stored in any way.
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